Stylish star Allu Arjun whose ‘Badrinath’ evoked lukewarm response at the box office is now a different man. Not just observors, but he himself thinks that he has changed a lot post wedding.
After his marriage to his love Sneha Reddy, Bunny is rarely seen in pubs or parties. As Arjun was Hyderabad’s favourite party boy and was spotted everywhere in the city. But now, he is rarely seen outside. When asked, Arjun himself said that he has cut down on parties after his marriage. He also said that he doesn’t kiss heroines anymore because now he is a married man.
“I used to party a lot before marriage. But now I have become very boring. Now my social life is very confined to family. I do party now also but they are very sober. Parties these days are confined to my relatives and close friends unlike before. Life changed a lot after marriage. I am not the same person as before” Allu Arjun told media.
Also Allu Arjun’s wife Sneha Reddy objected to his hair style in Badrinath. Arjun himself said that during his engagement, he had a long hair but his wife Sneha didn’t want him to be seen with long hair in their engagement pictures.
“She said that it will be wierd to have long hair in engagement pictures. So, I got them removed. It costed me Rs 1 lakh every time I got the hair attached” Arjun said.

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