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Thread: 3D movies are waste of money’

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    Default 3D movies are waste of money’

    Scottish actor James McAvoy feels 3D movies are a "waste of money" and merely a way of making more cash out of cinema enthusiasts.

    McAvoy admits he was ecstatic when producers of his ‘X-Men: First Class’ project decided against a 3D release, because he is convinced the technology is simply a tool to increase ticket prices, reports

    "Thank god this movie ('X-Men: First Class') is not in 3D, which is just an excuse to charge an extra 10 bucks (dollars) at the theatre. Then in the end, they're not 3D at all. It's a waste of money. The idea of things coming out of the screen and making you jump out of your seat are done very well but I think it's a waste of time and money and I wouldn't pay for a ticket to go to one of those films," said the actor.

    He even feels that the movie ‘Clash of the Titans’ was a 3D failure as its producers added the effects after the film had already been shot.

    "I maintain you can't do a good conversion of a two-hour movie with high quality in a few weeks like they tried to do with 'Clash of the Titans'. I don't mean to throw that movie under the bus because my buddy Sam (Worthington) is in it, but I think everybody realised that this was a point at which people had gone too far," added McAvoy.

    The number of movies using 3D technology to enhance the cinema experience has rocketed in Hollywood following the success of James Cameron's ‘Avatar’ after its release in 2009.

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    Default I think avatar it's full 3D movie.

    The last I think avatar it's full 3D movie. I think I can pay if it's full 3D same avatar. But last time no have any full 3D same avatar. I think "waste of money".

    So Is the transformer is it full 3D? I will see next week.

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    hey i would add it just depends upon what u like to watch..
    it nice to see these movies if u like them..
    they are great to watch..

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    some movies is not good with the 3d as the effect is not perfect. but avatar is a good one..

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