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    Home security is becoming increasingly important to homeowners. Today home security systems fulfill a wide variety of roles, from monitoring of your personal property to signaling or alerting police in case of a break-in. There are different types of home alarm systems available to choose from, all of them with different operational concepts. Many people decide which type of home security system to purchase depending upon the neighborhood in which they live. Modern safety and security system eliminates drawback of old or outdated system which can be easily break-in by burglar or trespassers.

    Usage of Home Security System

    Once you have decided to purchase a home security system the next step is determine what type of home security system you want. This helps you to choose a home security system that works best for your home or apartment. A home security system can be indoor home security systems, outdoor home security system or combination of both. An indoor or internal home security system is designed to protect the home from break-in. This monitors doors, windows and movement from within the house.

    Most standard home security systems provide indoor protection, but for the additional cost investing in a system that also provides outdoor protect can be a real win. Outdoor home security systems monitor the area around your house or apartment. Most outdoor systems are programmed to turn on flood lights at the slightest hint of movement on your grounds.

    Home Security Devices

    In India, a burglary occurs every 14 seconds. When a burglar scans a neighborhood he will probably pick the house with the least amount of risk for getting caught. Make your home look like a hard target by having modern home security system.

    Door/Window Sensor: The Door/Window Alert System is a magnetic contact sensor system that will monitor any door or window within your house. In this system, when an intruder opens that door or window, your siren will activate and the monitoring station will be notified immediately. It is easy to set up, with the sensor alerting the receiver wirelessly.

    Occupancy sensor: An occupancy sensor is an energy conservation device designed to detect the presence of human occupants in a given area. This system is also known as motion sensor. As someone enters the space, the occupancy sensor recognizes the movement and automatically brings up the lights. Occupancy motion sensors are located in every area of the building. At any given time, it is possible to consult the security system and determine where there is movement or activity taking place.

    Wireless alarm systems: Wireless systems operate via radio signals and have the capacity to alert the police or a security in case of break-in. The alarm system will continue to function if the power goes out of the house.

    Smoke and heat detectors: Home security systems not only protects your home or property from the break-in but also alerts you incase of fire. These systems consist of a central control panel to which smoke alarms and heat detectors are connected, along with bells or horns that are activated when the system triggers an alarm. The control panel operates from house power but also usually contains an emergency battery which can operate the system for about 24 hours during a power outage.

    Keyless door locks: Keyless door locks allow you to lock and unlock your door without actually having to physically unlock it the manual way. There is only the need for a push of a button as your exit will secure your door from the outside. To open the door you need to use password and this can be changed as frequently as you would like.

    WAV File Technology: WAV files are audible alerts that are triggered when the system senses and verifies the presence of an intruder around the perimeter of your home. In the event of a fire, sensors can turn on sprinkler and inhalation systems to clear out harmful fumes and flames. Sensors can even be set up to call specific technicians with a smart home system.

    Digital security cameras: Digital security cameras provide much higher resolution than their analog counterparts. Digital cameras are easy to install and you can choose where to put your cameras and reconfigure them according to your needs.

    Spy-hole: This is a simple and effective home security device installed in your door so you can see who is ringing your doorbell. This helps to prevent strangers or unwanted people from entering the house.

    Glass break sensors alarm: Glass break sensors are sensitive enough to trigger an alarm condition when an intruder tries to cut the glass of windows or doors to gain entry. Glass break detectors come in a couple of designs and in a couple of categories. They are available in both hardwired and wireless versions. However the capabilities of certain glass break detectors depends on the model and design.

    Electronic Watchdogs: A dog is one of the best deterrents. A dog with a menacing bark will scare away a lot of would-be burglars. Now you can have your own watchdog that you never have to feed or potty train. The electronic watchdog uses microwave technology to see through walls to determine if someone is approaching. Once within 20 feet it begins barking like a large dog.

    Most features that the best home security systems have are usually relativity inexpensive. Features like magnetic contact for windows, glass break sensors and simple video monitors and motion detectors will fit into most budgets. Everyone in the home will need to learn how to use it properly and avoid setting it off accidentally. Some home alarm systems include extras like Key Fobs and Remotes to control the system at a distance. A Back-Up Power Supply is important in maintaining home security even during a power outage, when the risk of break-ins and looting is increased.

    When a burglar scans a neighborhood he will probably pick what appears to be the house with the least amount of risk for getting caught. Use all of the security devices of your home including locks and security systems. Most Burglars hate light so make sure each side of your home has motion sensor lights installed. Trim bushes and shrubs so the burglar canít hide from your neighbors or others on the street. When it comes to choosing security measures for your home or business, it is well worth the time and effort to select one that is of high quality and that will do its job well. A burglar can become active at anytime, there is no specific time for them to break-in your home. Always Be alert.

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