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Thread: George Clooney and his romances

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    Default George Clooney and his romances

    The eternally handsome George Clooney also seems to be eternally a bachelor. Sure, he keeps the arm candy around for a while, but they never last too long. So who does this altar-phobic star count among his lady loves?

    Clooney’s first girlfriend of record is, of course, more famous for her own acting career and her marriage now to John Travolta. But Clooney-philes might like to know that Max, his longtime potbellied pig sidekick, was originally given to Preston from him as a gift. Max ended up being raised by Clooney, and the two enjoyed nearly 20 years together -- much longer than Clooney spends with his girlfriends.

    Of all the women on this list, Balsam is the only one to take Clooney to the altar. Following his divorce, Clooney scored some seriously enviable arm candy in the form of Swedish supermodel Vendela. The two later starred in 1997’s ‘Batman & Robin,’ in which Vendela played the frozen wife of Mr Freez Balitran, simultaneously gave hope to and earned the ire of women everywhere when Clooney plucked her from obscurity to become his main squeeze.

    They met in Paris, where she was a waitress and law student at the time. She’s also the first of many Clooney consorts to achieve fame just by dating him.

    Howard, perhaps best known for her roles on ‘Two Guys and a Girl’ and ‘Monk’, was allegedly the woman to whom Clooney turned after his break-up with Balitran. Zellweger and Clooney allegedly dated in real life. However, they’ve always denied this, saying instead that they’re just close friends. But how close?

    Larson, a Vegas cocktail waitress, may be most easily recognized as the woman who, for a period, accompanied Clooney while she was on crutches. That’s because she broke her foot in an accident that occurred while riding a motorbike with him. Larson, once healed, accompanied Clooney to the Oscars, but they broke up shortly after.

    The Sardinian-born Elisabetta Canalis floated into Clooney’s life back in 2009, when Clooney cruised through the Venice Film Festival. They became an item immediately after, but Clooney split from her in June of 2011.

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    Clooney is always been in news because of his affairs.He is famous for his acting in hollywood films but he is more famous for his many affairs.
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    I think he is beautiful and smart enough so he can be in news due to his affairs and romances.

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