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    Advanced Home Security Tips

    Today people feel more insecure inside their homes. So they strengthen home security by providing grills, extra locks and by taking services of guards or dogs. However, experienced intruders/burglars can easily break home security systems. Everyday we hear about many sorts of crimes, robberies and thefts etc.
    We feel that our home, possessions and even our life all are unsafe. Here we will discuss some new technologies available for home security.

    1. Surveillance devices, a trap for thieves
    Besides being an essential part of security measures, surveillance devices are very useful for home security. Home security surveillance has become popular to avoid robbery or theft. Home security surveillance indicator is a deterrent to theft and can also assist in tracking thieves and robbers in case the theft does happen.

    Home security surveillance device comprises of cameras and recording system and can be installed easily. This recording system is called DVR, Digital Video Recorder. The apparatus needs not be connected through wires or cables but it can work through wireless system also. The data is automatically recorded on hard drive or on to a removable CD/ DVD. In this process there is no need of operating the device as it functions automatically and can be linked through motion detectors that automatically turns on devices. Signals are transmitted through wireless transmitter. In this way the proprietor can check home security at any time.

    For home security, Surveillance Camera and CCTV (Closed Circuit television Security Camera) are modern home security systems. These are widely used for prevention and detection of crime and have a high class technology for home security.

    In olden days home security devices were big in size and were easily visible. In many cases the devices were destroyed by thieves or burglars before entering the premises. But modern home security surveillance devices can be fixed in any small portion of the house and are not easily visible.

    Advantages of Surveillance Camera
    It is not so costly; so it can easily be arranged and fixed around the house.
    The fixing process of camera is easy as it can be fixed inside and outside the home.
    After installation of security camera in home, you will feel relaxation for security of your home and family.
    It prevents your home from intruders/burglars.
    Security camera provides constant monitoring 24 hours in your presence and in your absence too.
    It helps you to check activities of servants.
    They are helpful in recognizing intruders/burglars.
    You can watch all outside activities around your home without opening doors.
    Security camera can also be connected with computer.

    2. Home Security Shutters
    Generally intruders/burglars enter the house through windows and also make assessment of the house by looking through windows. Home security shutters of windows which are manufactured from steel or aluminum, and powder coated frames and come in many designs including electronic louvers, bi folding and side folding modals.

    Modern shutters are operated by remote control whereas some security shutters are opened and closed manually with key locks. These shutters have advantages that no one can see activities inside the room from outside the house whereas the person inside can watch activities outside the house. Air circulation is also not affected by louver shutters. They are also available in many designs, cheap in maintenance; maintain privacy and help in climate control inside the room.

    3. Security Alarm Monitoring
    Home security alarm is a telephone based monitoring system. This security alarm system is directly linked to an alarm watching facility of Security Company. The company has 24 hours service with fully qualified security guards.

    How Alarm Works
    When your home security is breached, the alarm automatically sends signal to monitoring company. The guards of monitoring company which provides 24 hours service caution house owner that his home security has been breached. Security guards also receive instructions from house owner and security in-charge of the company as well. The action taken by house owner would be to send for extra guards or to inform the police. In case any damage is made to the security of the house in absence of house owner, security in-charge immediately repairs damages and sends guards for the safety of house.

    There are more home security alarm systems which include panic button. When there is a home invasion or medical emergency it sends an immediate distress signal to alarm monitoring company. In many cases such distress alarm automatically calls security monitoring company if direct line communication is set up.

    4. Motion Detector
    Motion detector can be the first line of defense to keep burglars out of your house. Just think about how someone would get into your house without much trouble. The burglar may enter the house through the front and main doors, windows, upstairs, windows, basement gates and garages because all these are possible entrance for burglars/intruders. So how can you protect your house from burglars? The answer to the question is motion detector which is a small portable and battery operated system. This can be fixed on front and back doors, windows and also outside the house. The motion detector gives a very loud alarm when it detects any motion.

    At day time when you are out of home, the house is under security of motion detector. When burglars strike and try to enter the house, motion detector calls the police and informs you on your cell phone. It also gives very loud alarm and burglar(s) run away from the house. This system has many types of sound alarms such as dog barking, bell ringing etc. Motion detector is a good preventive measure for home security.

    5. Automatic Security Gate
    Security gate is easiest way to guarantee the security of your home. Automatic electric security gates make security easier and more convenient. Some automatic electric security gates have additional security features such locks, deadbolt locks. You can open or close these locks manually as well as automatically with the help of remote. These gates may be operated by powered battery which works 24 hours in absence of electricity. The benefit of these gates is that you can operate them from a distance of 100 feet without any disturbance.

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    I thinks these advanced Home Security Tips are very useful one to everyone now a days to protect our homes easily,.

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    This is the very useful information now-a -days many are following.surely this will protect their house.

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    This type of technology is very much helpful in recent-days.

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