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Thread: A torrid tale of a man and a woman

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    Taking a break from his commercial spree, B Unnikrishnan is all set to kick-start his first offbeat film - ‘Kalavarsham’ - a torrid drama on man-woman relationship. The film is about a couple reinventing the ardour of companionship after wobbling through the wedlock for several years.

    “Both the lead characters are in their 50s entrapped in the insipid humdrum of matrimony until they stumble upon the emotional possibilities of their alliance. At one point, they realise what they share is far beyond a bond laden with duties and obligations. From togetherness devoid of passion, they start exploring the hidden dimensions of their relationship and the film chronicles their journey,” says Unnikrishnan.

    The filmmaker, who churned out commercial crowd pullers like ‘Madambi’ and ‘Pramani’, says art house is no alien forte for him. “I started my career with ‘Jalamarmaram,’ a film sans any mainstream actors. There was no theatrical release, but we toured many villages screening the film. It was after ‘Jalamarmaram’ and a couple of critically-acclaimed telefilms like ‘Antharangal’ and ‘Annum Mazhayayirunnu’ that I turned to commercial films. Now I want to do something different from the regular fair,” he says.

    Unnikrishnan says he has just put all his commercial projects on the back burner and ‘Kalavarsham’ is no early exit from mainstream. “I want to make a film based on N S Madhavan’s short story ‘Thiruthu.’ It is a dream project and I can mobilize the resources needed for the film only through a couple of commercial ventures. So I will be back soon,” he says.

    The title ‘Kalavarsham,’ something in tune with the theme, signifies both monsoon and the passage of time. Siddique will play the male lead and the majority of the cast will be fresh faces. ‘Kalavarsham’ is expected to go on floors by early August.

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    good telefilm...

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