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    Default Content is King

    It is often said and worth repeating ‘Content is King’.

    SEO Content writing involves the process of integrating keywords and key phrases into the actual content of the website. Quality content writing attracts not only the customer but also to the website search engines. An imaginatively written SEO Content improves the search engine positioning, drives more traffic to the site, attracts ready-to-buy audience to the site, generates new leads and contributes to increased sales.

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    hi everyone,
    of course content plays an important role in one's site.Search engines always interest to find the pages with niche bans the site which has a same content,so enrich the site with niche and valid content.for a page Google visits only the quality of site, rather than the number of backlinks.

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    Content is not only king but queen too in SEO .Does awesome content holds the same supremacy in case of SEO?If the analytics part be kept aside for a while, a number of SEO techniques for better execution require assistance of quality content. Content Plays Crucial Role as Factor for Page Rank .

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