Joe Cornish
Cast: Jodie Whittaker, John Boyega, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh

In the audacious sci-fi action-comedy Attack the Block, British comedian-turned-director Joe Cornish fuses alien-invasion epic with coming-of-age drama, spikes it with heavy doses of irreverent humor and wry social commentary, and serves up a cinematic concoction unlike any glimpsed on this side of the Atlantic in quite some time.

The action centers on a gang of excitable, hoodie-clad street kids, all hailing from the same south London council estate, whose interests include hip hop, videogames, marijuana, and larceny. They’re engaged in the latter – robbing a young woman at knifepoint – when a mysterious meteor-like object comes roaring down from the sky, smashing into a nearby Volvo. As their leader, the grimly focused Moses (John Boyega), approaches the car to investigate, a strange creature leaps out from it and bests him in a brief tussle before fleeing, panicked.

Chastened by the unprovoked bum-rush, Moses declares “I’m killing it,” and lights out in pursuit of the creature. And kill it he does – but only after entreating his pals to lend a hand finishing it off. Soon the boys are parading the corpse of what appears to be a newly discovered alien life-form around their hood, to the delight and horror of their fellow-residents, many of whom assume it to be an elaborate movie prop.

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