Software major Infosys Technologies on Saturday announced composition of new Executive Council (EC), a high level body that frames its business strategy. The EC will include the executive board, current EC members, heads of key business units and strategic business enabler units.
The members of the EC are: S Gopalakrishnan -Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, S D Shibulal- Chief Operating Officer, Srinath Batni- Director and Head – Delivery Excellence, V Balakrishnan – Chief Financial Officer, Ashok Vemuri – Senior Vice President and Head – Banking and Capital Markets and Strategic Global Sourcing.
B G Srinivas – Senior Vice President and Head- Manufacturing, Product Engineering, Product Lifecycle and Engineering Solutions, Chandrashekar Kakal- Senior Vice President – Enterprise Solutions, U B Pravin Rao- Senior Vice President — Retail, CPG & Logistics, Prasad Thrikutam- Head, Energy, Utilities, Communications & Services, Infosys Limited Global Head, Systems Integration, Infosys Limited.
Steve Pratt – Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director, Infosys Consulting, Ramadas Kamath U – Senior Vice President, Administration, Commercial Facilities, Infrastructure, Nandita Gurjar- Senior Vice President and Group Head, Human Resources and Basab Pradhan- Global Head of Sales, are the other members of the EC, Infosys said in a release here.
Mr. Gopalakrishnan said, “It gives me great pleasure to announce the new executive council of Infosys. The new EC is a group of highly competent professionals who would closely work with the Board in formulating business strategy and framing policies for the organization. This is one of the most significant announcements that will shape the Infosys of tomorrow”.

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