Lady Gaga revealed recently that she likes to strip down with her friends whilst rocking out to heavy metal music. She really likes to get candid when she talks to people who have questions, and surely now that the word is out, people are going to be searching like crazy for videos or pics of Lady Gaga nude.

During her recent trip to Australia, she revealed her admiration for an Australian metal band and how she likes to strip down to nothing but high heels while listening to their music. The band she loves, Airbourne, should feel flattered that one of the world’s most attractive entertainers feels like getting naked with a bunch of her girlfriends every time she hears them. Wow!

The frontman of Airbourne has released a comment about it, actually, and he was obviously a little flustered or, at the very least, feeling pleasantly taken aback:

It’s good to know that the peak of the pop world still love rock’n'roll. Goes to show that rock’n'roll will never die.

Mmm… Airbourne. Yum.

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