World's first flying car

LONDON: A CAR that can beat traffic jams by flying over them is poised to hit UK roads. The motor boasts wings that fold out in 15 seconds - and has been declared street legal in the US.

Twenty Brits have already contacted the American makers about buying one when they go on sale next year.

The 150,000 price of the wacky Terrafugia Transition is 85,000 less than a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Carl Dietrich, founder of the firm behind it, hailed his brainchild as the "first practical flying car".

He explained: "It can fold up its wings and drive on the road. It can gas up at a normal petrol station and park in a single-car garage. The Transition could bring a revolutionary new level of freedom to your world."

On the road the two-seater does 35 miles to the gallon and has a 65mph top speed. In the air it can reach 115mph, consuming five gallons an hour - giving it a 500-mile range. Drivers will need a pilot licence.

But the Civil Aviation Authority's Jonathan Nicholson reckons the cars could be a common sight here within five years thanks to the US giving approval. He said: "Safety standards are very similar between there and Europe."

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