Tendulkar is greatest, but human too: Vaughan

LONDON: He might be the world's greatest batsman right now but Sachin Tendulkar is a human at the end of the day and the Indian will make mistakes if the English bowlers do the basics right in the upcoming Test series, says former captain Michael Vaughan.

"England have to remember Tendulkar is only human. He makes mistakes. They must also forget the verbals. Let the ball do the talking instead. It is what he has done with his bat for 20 years," Vaughan wrote in the 'Daily Telegraph'.

Heaping praise on Tendulkar, who is just one short of a 100th international ton, Vaughan said the veteran right-hander will be key to India's chances in the series starting July 21.

Vaughan also marvelled at Tendulkar's over two-decade long career and said the Indian has been improving with every passing year.

"To think he is still on the circuit, playing better than ever and is on the verge of a 100th international century is a phenomenal achievement. People ask why he is so good and what sets him apart from the rest?

"I played in an era of great batsmen but Tendulkar is top of the list simply because of the pressure and weight of expectation he has coped with," he said. .

"He is more famous in India than their prime minister or president and has had to deal with the kind of pressure that status brings whenever he walks to the crease. When he arrives at the wicket everything is perfect. His technique is great," Vaughan added.

"There have been various theories about batting over the last decade or so with buzz words such as trigger movements and forward presses. Tendulkar just stands still. He is dead side on. If you sat down with a pen and paper to draw the perfect batsman, you would sketch out Tendulkar's profile."

But Vaughan did point out that Tendulkar is most vulnerable while starting out his innings.

"Like all batsmen, he is at his most vulnerable early in the innings to the fuller delivery nipping back. A ball pitching on off stump and coming back through the gate will cause him problems," he said.

"I have seen him driving through balls early on and be bowled or lbw on a number of occasions. England could also undermine him with bounce, which is why (Chris) Tremlett will be key," he added.

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