KOCHI: All it takes is a start. The impressive box office show of T K Rajeev Kumar’s ‘Rathinirvedam’ is, evidently, the trigger for a group of Malayalam filmmakers to explore the soft-sensuous genre to good effect.

Classics in the genre – including I V Sasi’s 1978 monster-hit ‘Avalude Raavukal’ – are set for remakes and sequels.

‘Rathinirvedam’, the vintage Bharathan-Padmarajan hit, was also a coming-of-age romance told with restraint. ‘Lorry’, another venture from the celebrated director-writer combination, is set for a remake too. Remakes of Antony Eastman’s ‘Inaye Thedi’ and N Sankaran Nair’s ‘Thamburatti’ are others in the pipeline set to gear up the trend.

In an industry hit by a serious dearth of innovation and fresh ideas, this could be a decisive push towards better box-office returns. The catch, however, is the possibility of the trend triggering off a flurry of B-grade movies made with the one apparent intention - to titillate.

“I approached both ‘Neelathamara’ and ‘Rathinirvedam’ as genuine attempts. Both are my favourites and I wanted to introduce them to the new generation,” G Sureshkumar, producer of both remakes, said.

He said ‘Rathinirvedam’ had no explicit sex scenes and had obtained a U/A certificate.

“A lot of producers are now busy procuring the rights of vintage movies. But they are not aware of the fact that it is not the sensuality element that worked in ‘Rathinirvedam’. It is the strength of the theme,” he added.

Earlier, Sidharth, son of Bharathan, had announced his plans to remake ‘Nidra’, directed by his father. It is also learnt that some producers have approached him to direct the new version of ‘Lorry’.

Hameed, producer of ‘Avalude Ravukaal’, is planning to come up with its sequel – ‘Avalude Ravukal Pakalukal’.

Rajeev Kumar believes that the present trend is only an instant reflex that follows the success of his movie. “Industry always has this tendency to go after a particular success formula. However, a proper remake requires much preparation,” he said. He said the backbone of both ‘Neelathamara’ and ‘Rathinirvedam’ are the strong scripts by M T Vasudevan Nair and P Padmarajan.

“Commercial success of both might have tempted some producers. But going after sensuous themes with a blind belief that it will bring fortune every time will affect the director’s credibility,” Kumar added.

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