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    Default Travel Advice

    Air Travel Precautions

    Tips for staying healthy on your long-distance flight

    Traveling by air cuts down on time taken to reach your holiday destination but make sure you take appropriate precautions while on the aircraft to enjoy the time ahead of you. Taking care of your health while air travel is important because traveling in a pressurized cabin at high altitudes can affect your health.

    Comfortable Clothes and footwear

    Do not wear tight-fitted clothes and shoes. Opt for comfortable wears as they are breathable. Slip-on shoes are the best because you can remove them easily and massage your ankles.

    Keep yourself hydrated

    According to tips for air travel issued by Aerospace Medical Association, relative humidity in an aircraft is less than 20%. It therefore becomes important to keep yourself hydrated. This is how to do it –

    Drink a lot of fluids like water and fruit juice.

    Avoid caffeine, alcohol and carbonated beverages.

    If you wear contact lenses, switch to glasses for flight duration.

    Carry wet tissues and saline nasal spray.

    Carry a moisturizer and a hand sanitizer to kill germs.

    Stay mobile

    To avoid developing clotting disorders such as deep vein thrombosis it is advised that you always move around.

    Try changing your position and stretch your arms, legs and shoulders and rotate your ankles.

    As a mandatory rule, you must not cross your legs because your blood circulation is already slow if you have been sitting for long.


    Move out of your seat and walk around to improve blood circulation. If there are channels that ask you follow exercise advice make sure you do them. This would keep your fresh throughout your air travel.

    Say no to medications

    Unless recommended by doctors never take medicines.

    Avoid sleeping pills; they make you feel lethargic.

    Avoid heavy meals

    Since you’re traveling in pressurized cabins avoid heavy meals as they promote bloating. You can perhaps fast prior to your air journey and feat later.

    Jarring jetlags

    Adjust your sleep pattern according to your destination times to minimize jetlags.

    Avoid travel

    You must avoid air travel if you have cold because cabin pressure will cause more discomfort. But, if you can’t avoid then chew a sweet and gently blow your nose at intervals.

    Get some sleep

    Try relaxing and get yourself some sleep before you have an anxiety attack. If you have problems sleeping try listening to some light music to calm your nerves. You may also use an eye-mask.

    As a potential traveller you must understand aircraft cabin environment and keep the above points in mind. If you follow these tips, be assure, you are ready to go!

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    Rail Travel Safety Tips

    Train travel is often considered as both comfortable and easier than road travel. Keep a few precautionary tips handy in order to sail through the train journey.


    Do not buy food available at station vendors. The reason behind it is that you donít know whether it was prepared under strict hygiene or if it is stale.
    You can have food provided in the train but always check the expiry dates on juice packs and snacks. If it carries an expiry date it is better that you raise an alarm or just donít consume any of it.
    Suck on a mint, sweet or fennel seeds.
    For snacks keep some dry fruits, biscuits or roasted namkeen. You can also keep fresh fruits like oranges. And, for longer journeys you can always bring along some tossed idlis, lemon rice, pickle and chapatti or steamed rice which doesnít spoil easily.


    Do not get off the train to quench your thirst. The vendors at the station might sell local brands. In this way you will avoid any water borne illnesses.
    Carry bottled water with you and keep yourself hydrated.

    Comfort wear

    Wear lose cotton clothes.
    Carry a blanket or a shawl because air conditioning might make you shiver with cold.
    Use blankets or bedding provided in the train if you like. But if youíre too specific about hygiene, you can bring your own bedding or pillow.
    Wear flats or sports wears so that you feel light footed. A strict no-no to high-heels!

    Safety first

    To keep you baggages safe and secure carry a lock and chain. Bring a pad-lock and chain to fasten your luggage in your compartment. This way you wonít have to worry about it even if you nap. But donít be too complacent either; keep a guard on your luggage.
    Beware of pickpockets. Youíll find them everywhere.
    Do not leave your baggage unattended. You might have found a traveling companion in your fellow traveller but who knows whatís up in their mind.


    If youíre a voracious reader make sure you keep some fictions or non-fictions, depending on your taste.


    If you donít like reading at all you can keep some good music in your phone or i-pods and travel musically. It will keep you away from monotony.


    Bring a sanitizer and anti-bacterial wipes and toilet-paper. This will protect you from germs on the train.

    Spare battery for mobile

    Make sure you have a spare battery for your hand set. Upon reaching your destination yoiu might need your phonebook. If you canít, then note down the most important numbers on a paper and make calls. If required, from local telephone booths.


    Carry some medicines to fight cold and flu like illnesses and stomach infection.
    Carry medical documents too and also keep your doctorís phone number handy.

    If you want to go on a vacation the best arrangement for your pets is to hire a pet sitter just as a nanny who babysits. Alternately you can send your pets to pet homes which provide high quality care to the pets.

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    Road Travel Safety Tips

    Before you travel

    Inspect your car’s condition. If need be, send it for maintenance.
    To avoid tread separation and blowouts check for proper tire inflation
    Inspect hoses and belts. Get them replaced if your car is a little old.
    Check car battery and change if you think it’s coming of age.

    Wear Seat Belt

    Wear seat belts and eliminate possible life-threatening situations.

    Eat Healthy

    Prepare a brown bag for yourself and stuff food items in it.
    If you’re carrying fruits, make sure you wash off the toxin before consuming them.
    Carry ample amount of water.
    Bring a cooler to keep your drinks cool. Keep perishable food items in the cooler at a chilling temperature.
    Keep munching regularly but do not overeat.
    Replenish food supplies at rest stops or gas stations.
    Avoid sodas and salty foods because they make you thirstier.

    Comfort Quotient

    Stretch your muscles and prevent any back pain or issues related to your having been seated for so long.
    Do not slouch and position your seat at a comfortable angle.
    If you’re at the wheel you must watch your posture. Adjust your car seat so that you’re not stretching to reach your car’s steering wheel.

    Emergency Kit

    Make sure you have an emergency kit in your car. It must have the following items:

    Basic tools such as screwdriver, car jack, pliers etc.
    Bottle of water.
    Duct tape.
    Extra clothes.
    First-aid kit.
    Phone number of emergency road side assistance program.

    Get some rest

    If drowsy, it is advised that you take breaks.
    To avoid stiffness, take regular breaks, at least every 30 minutes of your journey.
    If your fellow traveller knows how to drive ask them to take their turn to drive.
    Do not drive if you are drunk.
    Pull over if your body is tired.

    Room for relaxation

    To reduce stress and fatigue consider the following point:

    Breathing exercise.
    Bring plenty of music along with you so that you stay calm.
    Do not panic if you’re stuck in traffic or brawl.
    Focus your energies on your holiday destination.

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    Air Travel: Dehydration Prevention Tips

    Dehydration while traveling by air is a common problem. It can become a cause of problems as minor as mild discomforts like fatigue, scratchy eyes and dry skin to major health issues like respiratory conditions.

    Do not dread air travel. Rather follow simple rules and stay as fresh as you were when you boarded the flight. This is how you do it Ė

    Drink plenty of water

    Drink fluids throughout air travel.

    Keep a big bottle for yourself and keep sipping water.

    Avoid alcohol, tea and coffee because they aggravate dehydration.

    Switch to glasses

    Carry medicated eye drops because it can save your life in the dry cabin air. Wear contacts only if you must, otherwise wear glasses.

    Carry nasal sprays

    The cabin air can lead to nasal discomforts. At times it might lead to nose bleeding too. Keep nasal sprays handy in case your nose gets dry when youíre flying. This will keep your nasal cavities hydrated.

    Keep a moisturizer

    Dry air in the cabin can do a number of harms to your otherwise silky and smooth skin. It can make it become dry, itchy and flaky. And, who wants scaly skin. Isnít the thought of it repelling enough for you? In order to avoid loss of moisture hydrate your skin from outside by applying a moisturizer on your hands and face. Donít let the cabin air steal your charm.

    Bring some cut fruits

    Fruits are easier to digest and will fight dehydration too.

    Once you religiously follow the routine above, you would never cry over dehydration related problems.

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    Travelling safe and sound

    Bell your luggage

    Tie bells to your suitcases and bags. So when someone tries to move it, you will hear. And when standing around or sitting drinking coffee, keep your foot through the strap.

    Don't advertise your home address
    Luggage tags should not have your home address on them. Instead fill in with your business address.

    Choosing your room
    When checking into a hotel, request a room that is not on the first floor (if possible). Also, while rooms that have sliding doors leading into a pool area are nice, they also increase your risk of being broken into.

    Safeguard your money
    If your idea of safeguarding your money is a canvas pouch to be tied round your waist, please unfasten the idea, and invest in a money belt that look exactly like your common or garden belt, but have a concealed zip on the inner side. And never keep all your cash in one place. Put some down a sock, some in that little inside pocket of your jeans, etc.

    Finding your way back to the hotel Better safe than sorry: When travelling to an unfamiliar place, especially to another country, keep a business card or matchbox or a piece of paper with your hotel's address and phone number on it. If you do get lost or separated from your group, you can show a cab driver the address and be whisked to your 'home base' safe and sound. This is particularly helpful to those in a foreign country with little to no foreign language skills.

    How to Avoid Mosquito Bites
    Do you have mosquito allergies or suffer itchy skin and bumps due to mosquito bites? Then make sure you carry along mosquito repellent ointments, or create your own by mixing palmarosa oil, citronella oil, and rose oil.

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    You have given us some interesting points. This is a wonderful post and surely worth reading. Excellent point here. I wish there are more and more tips like that. Thanks for sharing with us.

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    Thanks for your post.It's helpful for me.Thanks

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    Travel Tips for a comfortable trip to India

    India is a land of fantastic adventure of natural beauty and charm. India is not an endless attraction to entertain and amuse tourists. India is a country with diverse culture and climate, and traditions. If you are planning a trip to India, you need to know about some important facts. Here are some tips to travel. These tips will help you to move easily and conveniently.

    Learn about the weather: the experience of India and all kinds of weather. So wear the season by visiting here. As different types of meteorological experiments in the same time in different parts of the country. So if you visit India, clothes to wear depending on the climate where they went. If you check the summer clothes in India, Rajasthan Tours, Rajasthan experiences as sunny climate most of the season. If you have a mountain resort of scheduled concerts, wearing winter clothing. If you plan to explore the unique natural features of eastern India, bring rain gear and other clothing.

    Choose your perfect accommodations you can find affordable housing luxurious accommodation throughout the country. Choose a comfortable accommodation to suit your pocket.

    Take the documents listed: providing copies of all documents attached. You’ll need it often. Keep the originals safe. Documents to be identity cards, visas, passports, travel documents other.

    Know the culture of India: India is rich in culture and tradition. It is famous for its culture decent. Their conjugal affection in public cultural knowledge. India is regarded as immodest. Public nudity is against the government. However, you can wear a bikini beaches. Keep these things in mind and wear appropriate clothing in India. Also covering the head before entering a religious place. Do not take pictures of women and religious complexes without permission.

    Being healthy: your health care. Take prescribed medications with you all the time. Always drink bottled water and make healthy food choices. If you go trekking at high altitude, take steps to make it smooth. face breathing problems or nausea May 1 higher elevation to take precautions.

    Hire multilingual guide: There are over 2,000 languages and dialects of India. While English works in most places, but you should hire a multilingual guide.

    Choose the perfect travel package: India Tours There are many packages available to make the trip interesting and enjoy. Select a package to suit your interests. Different package covered with different targets. Choose the perfect package covers most of the hottest destinations in India to travel.

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    Thanks you for sharing some value able tips regarding travel.!!
    It will really helpful for me in my up coming tours..!!
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    Yeah this is really a very nice information.

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