Speeding up its probe into the finances of Indian Premier League, the Enforcement Directorate has summoned former Indian cricket captain Ravi Shastri for questioning in connection with the alleged financial irregularities in the IPL.

Shastri, who is out of the country currently, has been asked to help the ED in answering certain questions related to the Twenty20 league as he was on the IPL Governing Council, sources involved in the investigation said.

Shastri has been called to be present at the EDís office here next week to speed up the probe into the case.

The ED is also probing the role of ex-IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi, who is currently in London, for alleged contraventions of foreign exchange rules.

The ED is investigating the alleged violations under the Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA) against various IPL franchises and foreign exchange and remittance related offences and connected issues concerning both the IPL and the BCCI.

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