Ford Focus Electric Car

2012 Ford Focus Electric, the first electric car based on the consumer-oriented hatchback Ford 2012 Ford Focus compact. Ford said that the choice of the car will be “up to 100 miles, but the EPA has not even a car. Nissan has made the assertion that the electric car as an option leaves the EPA rating of 73 miles .

2012 Ford Focus Electric ,As the battery electric car, without backup natural gas, electricity competitors focus directly raised, and Mitsubishi MiEV. Like Nissan, which has contracted AeroVironment to evaluate and install equipment in charge of consumers, Ford will work with Best Buy Geek Squad technical support operations in the third test of electrical contractors.Ford believes that the rechargeable battery is exhausted bulb within three to four hours with a charging station 240 V, about twice as fast as the leaves.

2012 Ford Focus Electric Pricing has not been announced, but the focus will be right to force the $ 7,500 federal tax credit. Delivery from late 2011 in some markets: Boston, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, New York, Washington, Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Austin, Texas, Houston, Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, Portland, Ore., Raleigh / Durham, North Carolina Richmond, Virginia

Approach to modify the electrical properties, but still in grid view – ironic, because the electric car is less necessary cooling of internal combustion engines. Otherwise, the soft nose and fog lights for better aerodynamics. LED bulbs decorative lamps groups. Wheels and unique alloy wheels 17 “Michelin Energy Saver low rolling resistance.

2012 Ford Focus Electric approach should be five regular canvas seat passengers. 60/40 split folding rear seat, model variations such as fuel has increased. (Lower bars in a folding bench.) Other common features include First navigation system with nine speakers Sony stereo radio Sirius satellite touch screen.

2012 Ford Focus Electric Dual LCD on both sides of the blade, with a battery to show instead of gasoline. The sensors can be configured to indicate the travel distance of the expected range of payment may also see a graph showing how the situation at that time. blue butterflies filling or disappear to show the effectiveness of a car battery some planned travel zone.

With a function similar to the gown and the Chevrolet Volt, the owner can heat or cool the cabin below the load cable network. This saves the battery of miles from where the car is off, and driven. (Heating and air conditioning use of energy, reduction of the surface.) Function can be programmed in advance, or remotely activated by contact with the site or application MyFord smartphone.

2012 Ford Focus Electric approach uses 23 – Lithium kilowatt is heated to a maximum life-cooled liquid. Electric motor or motors (not yet announced) through the front wheels at a maximum speed of 84 mph

6.6 kilowatts board charger, the charger works with 240 volts to resume in half the time it takes to list, according to Ford. (To a lesser load capacity increased, so have to charge more slowly.) 120 volts to charge the common house, but it takes at least three times, while the system is 240 volts. Ford team estimated that the docking station and installation cost about $ 1499, but prices vary considerably.

All models in 2012 Ford Focus Electric, focusing on anti-lock braking energy level, traction control and stability. Six standard airbags.

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