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Thread: Potty Training for a Dog

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    Default Potty Training for a Dog

    Puppies, we have been told, are not unlike human babies. They would learn whatever is taught to them. It also applies in the case of teaching sanitary habits. You must have observed how smugly young toddlers place themselves on baby toilet seats to do their jobs. Although puppies cannot express themselves like young children, they do give indications that we must learn to recognize.

    Training Sanitary Habits including potty training for a Dog

    The key to successful training for a dog or puppy is supervision and patience. Since it is basically an animal, to relieve himself anywhere, specially on a thick pile carpet is not unusual nor it is an unpardonable offence. So, follow the regime given below to give potty training for a dog.
    -For the first few months be vigilant. Do not fail to notice the faint signals that the dog or puppy gives when it has ‘the urge’. The signals usually come in the form of sniffing or scratching at the door panels.
    -Pick it up gently, releasing it in the back garden or wherever it is convenient.
    -Bring it back to the parlor, patting gently on the head and saying encouraging things as you would say to a week old baby. Young dogs are extremely sensitive to the tonal quality of human voice and very easily distinguish between harsh words and soft words. All efforts to train the dog will be wasted if he is alarmed at this stage.
    -Young dogs of most breeds are also capable of understanding human emotions and feelings. Note signs of uneasiness in the dog if you ask him… “Tommy, do you have to go outside”? He would immediately start wagging his tail, indicating that he has to go. Start first by bodily lifting him and releasing him at the appropriate place. Thereafter, opening the door and a mere command to “go” will be sufficient.
    -Don’t forget to reward him with some tidbits and a gentle pat. The dog will understand that he has done something to please his master. There is nothing pleasanter to a dog than to please his master, which he will do even in his deathbed.

    Potty training your dog - maintaining a schedule is vital

    In order to have consistent potty training for a dog, it is imperative that you keep him on a schedule that also means that you should be on a schedule too.
    Take the dog out first thing in the morning every day and the last thing at night every night. Ensure that your dog learns to follow the schedule by keeping it at the same time. Most likely, he will pick it up fast and very soon he will pull you by your clothes to take him out for the intended job. Feeding the dog at a fixed time each day will also assist in potty training for a dog because when the dog eats on a regular schedule, his bowel movements will follow that schedule too.

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    Default Potty Training for a Dog

    I don't think it requires a dog trainer to potty train. It's really not that hard, get some books on training a puppy, read about potty training and train him constantly.

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    Default I like the dog.

    I like the dog but my dormitory can not have any pet.

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