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Thread: Big B gets teaching tips from Super 30's Anand

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    Default Big B gets teaching tips from Super 30's Anand

    PATNA: Super star Big B and Saif Ali Khan have learnt teaching skills in mathematics from Bihar's Super 30 founder Anand Kumar.

    Bollywood director Prakash Jha, whose recent movie 'Aarakshan' revolves around the subject of education, had sought Anand's help in imparting teaching skills to Big B and Saif.

    The math wizard shot a video at Jha's office in Mumbai. Anand conducted three to four simulated classes at Jha's office over a period of two days in December last year.

    In the film, Big B plays the role of Prabhakar Anand, who is the principal of a college which does not abide by the government's regulations on caste-based reservation. Moved by the plight of poor children, Amitabh Bachchan, in the film, decides to coach students from underprivileged background in his free time. Saif Ali Khan also teaches at this school.

    "For this, Big B and Saif needed teaching skills and I thought no one was more capable to do it than Anand," Jha told TOI over phone from Mumbai.

    "Prakashji one day gave me a call early in the morning and said he was shooting a movie and needed some help as Big B needed tips to teach mathematical problems in a way which is easy for the students to grasp. And I agreed to conduct simulated classes. I was glad to do that," Anand told TOI.

    "I had to direct Big B and Saif on teaching mathematics to underprivileged children. And, I did not know how to do that. So I requested Anandji to spare sometime for me, to which he readily agreed," Jha said. "His unique style made our task easy. I am thankful to him for helping me out," Jha added.

    As for Big B, he has been lauding Anand at film promos in various cities. "I have come to know about Anand, who prepares underprivileged but talented students for free in Patna. He has made many of them crack IIT-JEE during the past few years. We should encourage public-spirited efforts like Anand's to improve the educational environment in the country. Such personalities really need encouragement," Big B spoke during a recent promo on a private TV channel.

    During his visit to Patna in August, Big B will be having an exclusive meeting with Anand.

    About compliments from a person like Big B, Anand Kumar said, "Words of encouragement from him have reinforced my belief into my own abilities."

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    Hey u have shared a great interesting post to know more about Big B it would be nice to see this......
    its quite a nice conversation..
    thanks for sharing....
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