NOTTINGHAM: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said Monday that his team can turn it around in the remaining two Test matches to retain their world No.1 status.

India lost the second Test by a massive 319 runs as England took a 2-0 lead in the four-match series. England can replace India as the No.1 team if they win the series by a margin of two Test matches.

Dhoni said 100 runs that India leaked after reducing England to 124 for eight in the first innings and the batsmen's inability to negotiate the new ball cost them the match.

"Those 100 really mattered and when we were batting we were four down but we couldn't see that new ball through," he said.

"I felt the bowlers were tired but their batsmen played some great shots. It is a bit of a concern that we haven't made 300 and it's a continuation of the series in West Indies, we haven't really had a gap, where we were struggling."

Dhoni, however, admitted that India are not at their best at the moment.

"It is fair to say we are not at our best because of whatever you can say, injuries, form of the middle order or lower middle order. It is tough out there. But you don't want to go through motions. And the next two weeks are important we are looking forward as a team," said Dhoni adding that his form was a concern for the team.

"My form is a concern because if you are the leader you need to perform. But you have to look at your preparation and if that is right and the processes are right the form will follow," he said.

Asked what are the challenges for him as a captain, Dhoni said: "International cricket is all about challenges, nothing comes easy here. We have won matches, we have done well against strong opposition, but that is not a guarantee that you will always win."

He said that it would be nice to have some reinforcements.

"It is not a bad idea to have some players. In 2011, we have played six games and bowled 900 overs and more often than not, the bowlers are the same. It is difficult for them. Once you face a situation where you have to push yourself slightly more it may be difficult mentally and physically. But we are hoping that the batting order will click," he said.

The India captain said that Gautam Gambhir would be playing the next match while Virender Sehwag will be landing here Tuesday night.

"Gambhir is sure to play in the next match. Viru is landing here before the next practice game. He will spend some time before the third Test and see how it goes before the next Test," said Dhoni.

Dhoni also said that Zaheer Khan, who missed the match with a hamstring injury, has started practicing.

"Right now Zaheer is out there practicing but I don't really know where he stands. Injuries happen in the game but when you go down to three bowlers it is hard work on the bowlers. We are a team, which plays with four bowlers. Once you lose a bowler it is particularly tough to maneuver. The bowling conditions here don't suit part-timers. They can give you the odd wickets, but they will prove costly," he said.

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