Is your trustable employee going to resign soon because he wants to continue his study or try another business in other companies? As the boss or superiors, you have to find someone to replace him as soon as possible, someone that can work as well as him. But, all of us know that it’s hard to find a qualified employee in a short time, because he/she is often being hired by another company. We will discuss several effective tips on hiring employees.

First, ask your relatives especially that are working as lecturers at college or university ask them whether any students they propose to work in your company. Students that are recommended by lecturers are usually the best among his/her friends. Your friends will not recommend student that they think not qualified because they want to keep a good relationship with you. You can get fresh graduate with high skills and pay him/her lower than your previous employee.

Second, you ask reference from the employee that will leave soon. I believe that he/she has many university friends that work in the same area because they study the same major. You can ask him to ask his friends to apply for the job vacancy in your company. Your employee can also help you telling his friends about the benefits working in your company.

Third, you can use a website that provides an opportunity for the job seekers and employers to meet online. You should define the type of job clearly in the website to get the best candidates among many job seekers. For example, if you are looking for employee to work in Finance Department, state in the site that you’re looking financial services jobs.

Finally, I hope the three suggestions we give above on hiring employees can help you to get the qualified employee within short period of time.

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