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Thread: When Sachin failed to hide his identity

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    Default When Sachin failed to hide his identity

    The wig he put on was partially successful in camouflaging his identity but the spectacles he wore proved to be his undoing, exposing the real Sachin Tendulkar in a Mumbai cinema hall. This “kissa” of an attempt to protect his privacy from the public glare, was narrated by the master batsman himself during an interview in London, telecast by a regional news channel on Monday.
    Recalling the incident, Sachin said, “When I and my wife decided to go for a movie, it was suggested that I wear a wig and put on glasses to hide my identity to avoid crowding of fans. I did so but after being inside my spectacles fell off and it did not take long for those around me to recognise me.
    Finally I had to leave the place.”
    Touching upon the lighter side of life, Sachin, however, dismissed the talk that he at times moved around wearing a “burqua” for security reasons.

    Asked whether he was considering any offer from Bollywood to act in a film, Sachin smilingly said, “No.No. No.At present the focus is only on cricket”.

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    yep,I agree with your opinion

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