The State Health Under-Secretary today gave a written statement in the Kerala High Court saying that the admission to the management seats of 10 private medical colleges can be made from the list prepared after the entrance conducted by the Kerala Private Medical College Management Association (KPMCMA). He said that striking down the entrance at this late hour will not do any good for anybody. So admission should be conducted without any delay from this list. This statement was made on a petition filed by Amina Ahna against the entrance. The Under-Secretary further explained that the real opinion of the State Government is that admission should be conducted from the CEE's list. However the Supreme Court has permitted the managements to form a consortium and make admission through an entrance. However now there is a provision to conduct admission to 50 percent seats in these colleges from the CEE's list. These students can study in government fee.
The government also informed the court that it is denying the allegations in the present petition. It is also not fair delivering a verdict denying a chance for hearing to those who had appeared for the interview. The petitioner had not attended the test.If there is any complaint, then that can be lodged with Muhammed Committee. Hence this petition will not stand, the government contended.

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