Website analytics software shows you the activity of your website visitors and measures their behavior as they interact with your web pages.

There are many online tools available; many of these are paid tools and a few are free. Of all the website analytics tools, one of the best ones is Google Analytics .You can find anything from what screen resolution your customers have, what color space they're using, to what ISP they are using, where they are coming from and much,much more.

And if you are engaged in search engine optimization and other Internet marketing activities, it is absolutely imperative that you use some form of analytics - you do not want to blindly invest money in these activities without knowing who is coming to your website, where they are coming from, what they do when they get there and when they come and go.

Regardless of which tool you select, you should look to get:
-Website traffic statistics in an easy to understand format
-Visitor interaction details - pages visited, time on page
-How visitors are getting to your website
-What visitors are typing in to search engines to find your website
-What, if any, social media activities are leading people to your site
-Other visitor and website specific details

The information you get from this data shows you which of your marketing campaigns are working and which ones aren't doing so well. This abundance of information allows you to make easy and quick changes to your marketing strategies and track your progress on an almost daily basis.

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