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Thread: Shobhana to play Krishna

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    Default Shobhana to play Krishna

    After her much famous ‘Maya Ravan’, ace actor and danseuse Shobhana is in the final step to present herself as Lord Krishna in the new dance and music drama titled the same. Shobhana had been intensely practising with hundreds of her disciples to bring to stage this two and a half hour ‘Krishna’, which is now planned as an English drama. Oscar winner Rasul pookkuty will be the sound designer of this dram which will have its premier show on the August 22, at the Chennai Music Academy. Very famous celebrities from the cinema field will be giving voices to various characters on stage. While Surya will come up with his voice for Arjuna, Shabani Asmi will lend her voice for Gaandhari and Kankana Ranaut for Radha. After the successful completion and presentation of the English version, Shobhana has plans to dub the drama into Malayalam and Tamil . In the Malayalam version which is planned at kochy for the 24th of September, Shobhana will be using the voices of Mohanlal and Meera Jasmine for the lead characters of the drama.

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    Shobhana is really a brilliant performer.We are eager to see her as a lord krishna.

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