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Thread: Benefits of SEO Training

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    Default Benefits of SEO Training

    * Learn important strategies for Internet Marketing.
    * Determine whether a product , service is right for the Web
    * Learn principles to attract target audience through good web design
    * Develop online marketing concepts for products to be sold online
    * Develop an attractive Home Page to help market company's products
    * Plan a co-branded campaign with five web partners
    * Learn the benefits of partnership, partners, customers
    * Learn the importance of good, marketable, web content that would help in sales
    * Learn to plan content and mobilize email marketing concepts
    * Develop ideas to establish a brand image online
    * Understand the working of SEO
    * Identify tips for optimizing a site
    * Optimize a home page for the major search engines
    * Realize the way message boards, chats
    * Learn the uses of banner ads
    * Identify the way ads and keywords can be bought and evaluated
    * Design banner ads, keyword ads, and landing pages
    * Identify methods to track online marketing campaigns
    * Develop an online marketing campaign for a client

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    Following are top ten key benefits of SEO for the businesses:

    1. Higher Return on Investment (ROI)
    2. Increased Brand Awareness
    3. Cost Effectiveness
    4. Customer Acquisition/ Better Conversion
    5. Long Lasting Results
    6. Measurable Results
    7. PR Building
    8. Trust Building / Competitive Advantage/ Reputation Management
    9. Improved Visitor Experience / Accessibility & Usability of the
    10. Meeting Buyers’ Requirements /Pull Marketing
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