Cast: Ajay Rao
Direction: Nuthan Mahesh
The major drawback of this film is the stretching second half and diluting in its spirit and strength. The first half is such an enjoyable fare that the audiences leave the theatres there is no loss for them. That is because debutant Nutan Umesh has used his full strength in the first half and went blank in the second half from routine stuff. The Paisa Vasool happens for the interval point and minute judgment the audience can easily make for the post interval.

Thorough rewriting of the script in the second half was a must for this director. The lavish production, good star cast, lovely music and cinematography are a boon for this newcomer Nutan Umesh.

Stylish, sensible and smart Krishna (Ajai Rao) is on a hunt for the right choice for his marriage. He leaves the right choice for his dozen family members and there is equal number of selections for him. Krishna to surprise everyone comes to his grandma house to spend some happy time. Obvious reason is that he is not happy with any of the selections.

In the serene and so joyous place Krishna is bowled for the beauty and naughty nature of Khushi. This portion of these two in the first half is refreshing and evokes good laughter too. Krishna gets nod from Khushi for his proposal and the dozen family members giving a small choke approve Khushi and Krishna marriage.

The next part in the second half is the disease in Khushi coming up and we get the news that after three years everything is normal.

Ajai Rao has given his best. Action not seen in him so vigorously is found in this film. He is another pleasant lover boy on Kannada screen. Nidhi Subbaiah is once again a treat to watch. Her mod costumes and Saree gives additional boon to her beauty. The dozen supporting artists Nagendra Shah, Vinayaprakash, Jai Jagadish and others rendered good support.

Sridhar Sambram has given right preparations in his tunes. Three are hummable. Parijatha and Niddhe Bandilla are top ones.

Shekar Chandru never lets the mood of the film go awry. He gives pleasant look to the eyes.

Chopped for half an hour and some new additions in the second half, the film would have been outstanding.

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