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    I am going or just thinking about starting lending web hosting services. There are 4 friends with whom i am going to start these business. I have some money, my friends have some money too. How much does it cost aproximately cost's to build small server? And how would i start? Is web hosting business paying? Worth to start?

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    it's relative i thinks.
    ur small server like what? it's relative.
    hmm... u can start to affilate with .net / etc then u sell ur product.

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    One very important piece of advice.

    What every you do don't just jump into the Web hosting industry untill you have learn't as much as possible about how it works and things.

    At the end of the day if you get it wrong then it will also affect your web hosting customers, which could lose them alot of money and visitors.

    When hosting a site, you have to know things so that you can make sure that it is secure, backed up at all times, running at all times, etc.

    It's easier if you just get a dedicated service and just host about 50 to 100 of your web hosting customers on it or something.

    Don't build your own server at home. Web Hosting accounts are normally hosted on larger and more powerful computers than a normal computer that you see in house.


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