Now it is the time for retro mixes in Malayalam. If the tremendous success of the remix song in ‘Teja Bhai and Family’ within the first few days of its release in the web is an indication, more sizzling numbers from the 1980s will have new peppy versions.

Set in the grandeur of a discotheque, the remix of the song ‘Oru Madhurakkinavin lahariyiletho...’ for ‘Teja Bhai’ was an instant hit on the net.

The original song was sung by Yesudas for the movie ‘Kanamarayathu’ tuned by Shyam to the lyrics penned by Bichu Thirumala. In the latest version, the song is remixed by Deepak Dev and sung by Vijay Yesudas.

If it was Rehman and Shobhana who paired in the original version, this time it is Prithviraj and Akhila who are tapping to the tune. Earlier, some of the classic Malayalam songs like ‘Akale akale neelakasham...’ and ‘Alliyambla kadavilannu...’ were remixed for ‘Adyathe Kanmani’ and ‘Loudspeaker’.

The fast number ‘Chettikkulangara Bharani naalil...’ was recreated in the movie ‘Chotta Mumbai’. ‘Teja Bhai and Family’ is a humour-based action film in which Prithviraj is paired opposite Akhila. Prithviraj will appear on screen as underworld don Teja Bhai based in Malaysia.

Akila is playing the role of social worker Vedika who does not know the real identity of Teja Bhai.

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