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Thread: Temple of Mahalsa in Goa

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    Default Temple of Mahalsa in Goa

    Location : Mardol village, Ponda, North Goa

    Highlights : Six storied ornamental lamp pillar

    Festival : Annual Jatra, Jaiyanchi Puja, Kojagiri Pornima

    The temple of Mahalsa lies in Mardol 9km. from Ponda. It was shifted here from the Velha conquistas salcette, Goa to avoid destruction during the forcible Christianization of Salcette, Goa. Mahalasa is considered as the Mohini form of Lord Vishnu and hence she is referred to as “Mahalsa Narayani”.

    The Magha Jatra (festival) at the temple and Navaratri are the days of importance in the yearly calendar.Jaianchi puja is also famous puja held in this temple in the month of August. Sunday holds a special significance for the temple as on this day Palakhi Seva is performed. The goddess is taken out for a ride around the temple in a Palkhi. The Palkhi is decorated with flowers and traditional colourful decorations. A large crowd gathers to participate in the event and the devotees sing her praises.

    Unique feature :

    The most interesting feature of this temple lies in its deity. The deity, though a goddess, wears a sacred thread that is only worn by male gods and male Brahmins. This is due to the fact that Goddess Mahalasa is an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Since the deity is a female incarnation of Vishnu, it is also called “Mahalasa Narayani”. This feature gives singular importance to this deity and consequently to this temple as well.

    Prime attraction :

    The outstanding Mahalasa temple of Goa has an awe-inspiring lamp tower situated in its courtyard. The lamp tower is six-storied; it is 400 feet high and has 21 rings of lamp around it which holds 150m lamps. A fascinating scene is unfolded when all the lamps are lit.

    This temple has one more striking object for which it is famous in Goa. There is a huge brass bell within the temple premises which is devoid of its ringer. It is believed that devi Mahalasa will punish the person who lies when ringing this bell. Hence, the ringer is attached only when someone wants to testify. People had such a strong faith in this belief that during the Portuguese rule in Goa, testimony of this was accepted by court of law.

    Festival :

    On every Sunday the temple organizes Palki Seva to the deity. The deity is taken for a ride on highly ornate palanquin, loaded with flowers.

    Navaratri is also an important festival of this temple that draws several devotees all over India.

    History :

    This temple was demolished during the 26th century, when Adil Shah and his troops raided the original temple. The deity was however rescued and now restored in its new location at Mardol village. Previously the deity resided in a temple at Salcete taluka.

    How to reach :

    This temple is located just a kilometer away from the famous Mangueshi temple, off the National Highway 4A, which connects Ponda to Panaji.

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    so beautiful na.

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