Rumour mills are working overtime suggesting that Shriya Saran, the actress with looks and substance, would appear nude in a Bengali film by Rituporno Ghosh in which she is playing the role of a commercial sex worker. “Shriya was initially reluctant when the director wanted her to do the bold act for a particular scene. However, after thinking for a while, she accepted the idea understanding the importance of the scene,” reports say.
It is said that the scene would be shot in an artistic way and there would be nothing vulgar in it. In fact, it would bring out the actress in Shriya and the extent she could go for the love she has on her profession.
However, there is nothing so far official about it and it is expected that Shriya would clear the air soon. The actress was last seen in Tamil in ‘Rowthiram’, the Jiiva-starrer, in which she played a chirpy role.

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