Blood in vomit cant be ignored like a common vomiting as it doesn’t occur usually, unless there prevails some complication of serious nature. Blood in vomit is medically recognized as Hematemesis as well.

lood vomiting occurs following blood’s starting to flow backwards suddenly from the gastrointestinal tract such as abdomen, mouth, throat, esophagus and a part of small intestine. Process of blood’s flowing in reverse order is called regurgitation as well.

It is very difficult to distinct between a cough, bringing out with it the blood or the blood vomiting itself, through prima facie observation. But the blood in vomit can be substantiated by the blood in stool. If patient notices blood coming with stool, it confirms that blood in vomit is due to some serious complication.

There may be several common reasons of blood vomiting, but what is of serious nature is the blood vomiting happening due to vessels of throat getting punctured due to excessive vomiting, resulting into excessive blood in vomit. As the eternal blood vessels of throat cant get dried easily, it keeps spewing the blood in a form of blood vomiting. You take the patient immediately to the doctors.

Some questions needed to be addressed regarding the blood in vomit-

* When did the vomiting start?
* Had blood vomiting occurred earlier?
* Intensity of blood vomiting.
* Exact color of blood in vomit? Whether it was bright red or bearing any other color.
* Does the patient suffer from nosebleeds or was he/she ever operated upon?
* Is there any stomach problems or severe coughing?
* Is there any medical treatment underway?
* Name the medicines you consume.
* Whether the patient is alcoholic or not?

Other Causes Of Vomit In Blood

* Bleeding Ulcer affecting the small intestine
* Bleeding Esophageal Varices.
* Dysfunctional blood vessels.
* Infection in the stomach and intestines(gastroenteritis).
* Inflammation over the esophagus lining or stomach lining.
* Irritation over the esophagus lining or stomach.
* Swallowing the blood incidentally due to nose bleeding.
* Stomach tumor or esophagus.

Remedial Steps

It is strictly recommended not to explore any house hold remedy to curb the blood vomiting as it is a too serious matter to be looked into by health expert or doctor under medical observation. The patient suffering from excessive blood in vomit will be examined through some blood tests such as complete blood count (CBC), blood chemistries, blood clotting tests, and liver function tests. Besides, other tests to be conducted upon him will include Esophagogastroduodenoscopy(EGD), Rectal exam and X-ray.

Keeping in view the profuse blood vomiting the doctors put the patient under continuous medical observation and after getting themselves acquainted with the medical reports of different tests provide treatments such as blood transfusion, administering the liquid through a vein, giving some medicines to remove abdominal acid or performing surgery if bleeding doesn’t stop.

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