Ranakpur is located in the mountain ranges of Pali district, 23 kms. away from the Phalna railway station. Ranakpur in the state of Rajasthan, is one of the five most important pilgrimage sites of Jainism. Amidst the sandy land stands the Chaturmukh Jain Temple of Rishabhadev or The Ranakpur Jain Temple.

Ranakpur complex is one of the biggest and most important Jain temples in India, the extremely beautiful. Ranakpur is located about 56 miles north of Udaipur. It lies in a remote and quiet valley of the Aravalli Range 60 km from Udaipur.

The past:
Ranakpur is one of the five holiest places of the Jain community and spectacular in architecture. It is probably the most complex and extensive of Jain temples in India. The Ranakpur Jain Temple were built under the reign of monarch Rana Kumbha in the 15th century and is the largest Jain temple in India.

It is the most important fort in the Mewar region after Chittaurgarh. A historical site around 30 km northeast of Ranakpur. The other important place to visit in Kumbhalgarh is a wildlife sanctuary known for its wolves.

8 km away, Sadri is famous for some beautiful temples and an old dargah of Khudabaksh Baba. The Varahavtar temple and the Chintamani Parsvanath temple are the oldest of the temples situated here.

This is yet another famous place for Hindu temples.

Temple Of Architectural Genius:
The main temple here is the Chaurnukha Temple, or Four Faced Temple. this temple is dedicated to Adinath, the first tirthankar. The sheer immensity and the graceful appeal of the main temple leaves the onlooker mesmerized. Built in 1439,this huge, beautifully crafted and well kept marble temple has 29 halls supported by1444 pillars, no two of which are similar. The interiors are embellished with carvings of Jain saviors, plant and floral motifs. Within the complex are two other Jain temples- to Neminath and Parasnath – and, a little distance away, a Sun Temple. “The Amba Mata Temple”. The entire complex is beautifully planned so that all the courtyards within the temple open out to the bare sky.

Trip time:
The magnificent temple of Ranakpur and the surrounding areas can be visited in a time span of 2-3 days. The ideal time for visit would be between October to March.

The climate of Ranakpur is tropical with the mercury climbing up to a maximum of around 42°C and a minimum of around 22°C. Winters are only a little colder with a maximum of around 20°C and a minimum of around 11°C. The annual total rainfall is around 55 centimeters. Winter months are the best for visiting this place.

How to reach:
By Air: The nearest airport is Udaipur 60 km south of Ranakpur. There are regular flights to Delhi, Jaipur, Aurangabad, Jodhpur, and Mumbai from Udaipur.

By Rail: The nearest major railway station is Udaipur. There are trains for Delhi, Chittaurgarh, Ajmer, and Jaipur from this station. The nearest railway station from Ranakpur is Phalna but most of the tourists prefer going to Udaipur to catch a train as it offers more choice.

By Road: There are frequent express buses from Udaipur that take around three hours to reach Ranakpur. State transport corporation buses as well as private buses connect Udaipur to other cities in the region. Major destinations that are connected to Udaipur are Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota/Bundi, Jodhpur, Chittaurgarh, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, and Mt Abu.

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