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    One of the new ways of landing a job, full time or part time, is troll the Internet. Of course, if you were looking for a job close to where you live, then your chances of netting a job is perhaps higher if you were to look up the local newspapers' classified. The internet offers you a better choice and scope, apart from the numbers of jobs available that would suit your requirement. It is possible also that you might locate a job near home which is not listed in the local newspaper. This happens because the advertisements are cheaper than in the print media. And the agencies in your area may have a full website of their own, or even prefer the internet to attract more applicants to match the right candidate with the jobs they have been entrusted to help fill.

    So a mix of both should be helpful for you to find a part time or full time job. You have to make up your mind whether you are looking for desk work or manual work. Manual work is generally advertised in the local newspaper, and of course, there is no harm in registering with an employment agency, leaving your resume with them with your contact numbers. In fact everyone can do that, and have a better chance. Some of the internet sites that carry employment opportunities are listed here for your use. These are not complete nor are they exhaustive. The spread of the Internet is such that even the sites you normally look up, you might find small ads on the side of the site, offering jobs. When being selected for a job, make sure that you know exactly what is expected of you; and it does not hurt to stretch your job the extra mile. It helps, especially when it is part time.

    The next time you come back to the jobs market, your performance is on record, and the process of being re-hired is sped up, with a possible better pay. And when you are ready for a full time position, your reputation would tag along with you, or may have gone ahead to the companies who are hiring people like you.

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    please read and always ask question before u sign and agree on anything....don blindly sign... u know it later..
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