Reliance travel insurance policy is available for individuals or as a family plan. Under the family floater travel insurance plan, there is a common coverage for all members of the family. The reliance travel insurance covers the insured for unanticipated financial disaster that arises due to an emergency. Reliance travel insurance can be availed by individuals, businessmen and large companies respectively. Financial assistance will be provided for the monetary loss during an emergency under Reliance travel insurance coverage. Reliance travel medical insurance offers two categories of travel insurance products such as Individual travel insurance and Family travel insurance plan. Customers can choose the best plan under Reliance travel insurance that suits their requirements.

Reliance Travel Care Individual & Family Insurance - Key Advantages

* No Medical Check up to buy reliance travel insurance online
* Reliance travel health insurance has custom made plans(Platinum, Gld, Silver and Standard) are available for you to choose from, depending on your travel requirements
* Reliance overseas travel medical insurance gives comprehensive coverage through various unique benefits like Compassinate visit, Home Burglary Insurance, Financial Emergency Assistance etc.
* Reliance travel insurance gives coverage of pre-existing ailments and maternity in case of life threatening situations
* Reliance overseas health insurance offers coverage for sportsperson and trips involving winter/adventurous sports(subject to prior declaration, premium loading and underwriting approval)
* Wider duration can be covered upto 182 days, which is extendable upto 365 days
* Automated extension of policy in case of medical emergency and avacuation(upto 30 days) and delay of common carrier(upto 7 days) beyond policy expiry
* 24 hours emergency cashless services offered through emergency assistance service provider

Reliance Travel Care Insurance - Individual Insurance

Reliance Individual travel care insurance plan is offered for the individuals travelling aboard. Four types of plans are available with different coverages in reliance individual travel care insurance.

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