KVM College of Pharmacy located in Cherthala, Alleppey, kerala established in 2010 has a campus spread over a spacious area with imposing building, lush green campus & unpolluted environment with magnificent infrastructure. Eminent professionals are drawn from top Pharmacy institutions of the country as faculty members to impart professional education & create the future pharmacists.

KVM Multi speciality Hospital, Cherthala which has been providing quality health care at affordable costs to people in the region for more than three decades. With state-of-theart facilities and a committed medical team combined with exemplary patient care, the hospital has become a symbol of trust. Many health education programmes of KVM Trust make excellent use of these facilities providing students a truly worldclass clinical experience.


Internal Medicine


Paediatrics & Neonatology

Obstetrics & Gynaecology


Emergency / Trauma Care






Neuro Surgery




KVM Ayurveda Centre Managed by Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (Coimbatore ) Ltd, this centre provides all treatments in Ayurveda along with various rejuvenation and healing packages.

24 hours Blood Bank KVMhospital blood bank caters to all routine and emergency transfusion requirements.

KVM Diabetes Centre deals with all diabetes risk factors, diabetes symptoms, diagnosis and complications.


KVM Multi Speciality Hospital has state-of-the art facilities to maintain the promise of quality medical service.

Our Laboratories are full fledged.


Department of Pathology

Bio Chemistry Lab

Microbiology Lab

Haematology & Clinical pathology lab


* To provide quality pharmacy education to have everlasting impact on quality of health care offered to our society
* To satisfy the needs of today and tomorrow for continuous professional development.
* To produce competent, confident and consummate pharmacy graduates who are nationally and internationally employable.
* To promote and nurture long lasting deep learning abilities for career and personal advancement.
* To imbue value consciousness with practical creativity in all our pharmacy graduates and through our services.
* To generate new knowledge and discovery that infuses the learning and teaching of K.V.M.College of pharmacy .



K. Velayudhan Memorial Trust is registered on 13th May 1987 with the objective of providing relief and solace to the poor and needy, mainly in Charitable and Education field. The emphasis is on Health Education, Welfare of Women, Children and Other Weaker sections of the society including Disabled, Retarded and Discarded as well as in providing Higher education in science and technology.

Over the years, the trust has earned a reputation for itself by fulfilling the educational aspirations of many and self providing relief through its pioneering activities in educational and charity fields, and by running organisations and institutions of international quality. Many educational institutions setup by the trust have become the most preferred choice for the students in the region for their excellent infrastructure and exceptional quality of teaching. The social service organisations run by the trust have brought hope and happiness to many children and families. The trust is constantly on the lookout for new avenues to channelise its energy and resources addressing newer needs and aspirations of the society, and in service of humanity.

Educational Institutions under K. V. M. Trust

* KVM institute of Para Medical Science
* KVM College of Engineering & Information Technology
* KVM College of Nursing
* KVM College of Pharmacy
* KV School of Nursing
* College of Special Education
* KVM School for Mentally Challenged

Other Organizations under the Trust

* Child Care Centre
* KVM Institute of English
* KVM Integrated Rehabiliation Centre for Addicts

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