Name: Vijay Yesudas
Profession: Singer
Date of Birth: 23rd March 1979
Star: Aries
Birth Place: Chennai
Height: Taller than his father
Mother tongue: Malayalam

* Father: K.J. Yesudhas
* Mother: Prabha
* Brothers: Vinod, Vishal
* Wife: Dharshana

Mini Biography:

The son of the legendary singer K J Yesudas, Vijay Yesudas owns the credit of having sung more than 60 songs in six languages having made his debut in Tamil through the film Krotham 2 under the music composition of Deva, although he was known first through the movie Friends which was released earlier.
‘Rukku Rukku’ and ‘Vaanam Perusuthan’ are his other notable hits under the direction of Illayaraja apart from his latest hits such as ‘Tajmahal Oviyakaadhal’ in the movie Kalvanin Kaadhali, ‘Antha Naal’ and ‘Ennada Nenaicha’ from Adhu Oru Kanaa Kaalam, ‘Kodi Kodi Minnalgal’ in Jeyam, ‘Kaadhal Mattum’ from Kaadhal Konden, ‘Manidhan Solkindra’, ‘Nizhalinai Nijamum’, ‘Yaaro Arival’ from Raam and ‘Dei Namma Melam’ from Pattiyal.
The most recent song he has sung is ‘Chellani Premaku’ from Taj Mahal.


Kerala State Film Award
2007 - Best Male Playback Singer – Kolakuzhal Viliketto (Nivedyam)

Sathyan Memorial Film Award

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