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    Dr K Bahuleyan, MBBS (Madras), MD (USA), FACS, FRCS(Edinburgh), FRCS (Glasgow), founded the Bahuleyan Charitable Foundation (BCF), a not-for-profit organization that runs the Indo American Hospital Brain and Spine Centre at Chemmanakary, Vaikom, Kerala.. This Super Specialty Hospital provides all facilities available in any of the finest hospitals across the globe. Considered one of the top most authorities in Neurosurgery in the United States, Dr Bahuleyan founded this hospital with a view that the poor patients should not be denied top class medical service. He was also driven by a zeal to uplift the economic conditions of his village folk. This hospital is a supreme blend of American Technology coupled with Indian tradition of selfless service to humanity. This Hospital attracts patients from every part of the globe. Dr Bahuleyan closely monitors and evaluates the progress of each and every patient.

    The hospital has a dedicated team of doctors, specializing in all fields of neurosurgery. It has a number of sub departments like Neuro Anaesthesiology, Neuro Pathology etc. Its impressive infrastructure with state of art medical equipments make this hospital at par with others. The hospital provides the most modern and highest quality of medical care and treatment in the field of neuro-science to the patients in India at a reasonable cost.

    Specialty In : Brain and Spine Center
    Location : Vaikom, Kerala
    Address : Indo- American Hospital, Chemmanakary, Akkarappadam (P.O),
    Vaikom, Kottayam, Kerala, India, PIN - 686 143

    Mission Statement

    1. To provide the most modern and highest quality of medical care and treatment in the neurosciences to the people of India.
    2. To provide the same at affordable coast.
    3. To conduct research and education in the neurosciences.
    4. To promote an environment of mutual support, warmth and compassion in which all patients receive quality medical care.


    * Emergency Neurosurgery and Traumatology
    * Surgery for Cerebral Haemorrhage
    * Brain tumour / base-of-skull surgery
    * Minimally invasive Neurosurgery Stereotaxy surgery
    * Spinal surgery and instumentation
    * Neuro-endoscopic surgery for third ventriculostomy and treatment of intra-ventrucular tumour
    * Paediatric Neurosurgery
    * Epilepsy surgery


    * Stroke ICU and Stroke Unit - Epilepsy clinic
    * 18 channel EEG
    * Headache clinic
    * Parkinson's Movement-disorder clinic
    * Myasthenia / Neuropathy Unit
    * ENMG / Evoked potentials

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

    * Total Rehabilitation for Neuro Musculo Skeletal Disabilities.
    * Training for artificial limbs
    * Physiotheraphy, Occupational Theraphy, Speech Theraphy etc.
    * Comprehensive programs for neuro rehabilitation.

    Neuro Radiology

    * Digital Subtraction Cerebral Angiography.
    * Intra-operative DSA
    * Digital Subtration Venography
    * Spiral & Routine CT Scan
    * CT Angiography
    * CT Cisternography
    * 3 D CT, CT Myelogram
    * HRCT of Lung & 3D CT of upper airway
    * Bi-phasic Helical CT for Abdomen
    * Stereotactic / CT guided Biopsy
    * Fluroscopic Investigations (Myelogram / IVP & Barium Studies)
    * Venography for DVT
    * Routine X-rays

    ENT, Head and Neck Sugery

    * Neuro-Otology
    * Otomicrosurgery
    * Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)
    * Micro-laryngeal surgery
    * Endoscopic skull base surgery
    * Phonosurgery
    * Audiology
    * Speech Theraphy


    * Most modern operative microscope
    * Most powerful & modern drill system
    * Intra-cranial Pressure Monitor
    * Intra-operative Ultrasound
    * Spiral 3D CT Scanner
    * Most modern and imported Anaesthesia and Monitoring equipments.
    * 18 - channel EEG and EMG Machine
    * Nasal Endoscope
    * Stereo-taxic lekshell G (first hospital in Kerala)
    * C-arm with DSA Stereoscopic GE
    * Neuro Endoscope

    Neuro Anaesthesiology

    * Four premier operation theatre system, complete with vertical laminar flow ventilation
    * State-of-the-art Neuro Anaesthetic Machines, Monitors & Ventilators
    * Pre-operative ICU Monitoring
    * Three centrally air-conditioned ICU's
    * Separate ICU's for adult and paediatric patients
    * Invasive & non-invasive Multi channel monitors
    * Ventilators with latest models of ventilation

    Clinical / Neuro Pathology

    * Neuro pathology - Frozen sections, Cytology, Histopathology
    * Clinical Pathology - Haematology, Urine Analysis, Parasitology
    * Biochemistry, Microbilogy
    * Transfusion Medicine / Blood Bank - Blood grouping and cross-matching, blood donation, serological tests
    * Infectious disease testing

    Special Facilities

    * Five centrally air-conditioned operation suits.
    * Three centrally air-conditioned rooms, and general wards to suit every income group
    * Hospital annexe rooms and canteen facilities for the comfortable stay of by standers.
    * Deep freezer mortuary
    * 24-hours Blood Bank and Pathology.
    * Paediatric neuro intensive care unit.

    Service Highlights

    * Round the clock admission of head / spiral injury patients.
    * Round the clock admission of Stroke & emergency neuro cases
    * Registration of medico-legal cases
    * 24 hours CT scans (spiral) facility & Blood Bank Facility
    * Readily available Ambulance at hospital campus.
    * Dietary service to patients
    * Panel of consultants on call to attend to poly trauma cases - general surgeon, orthopaedic surgeon, opthalmologist, thoracic surgeon, psychiatrist, etc
    * Eminent and dedicated neuro group supported by qualified and committed health-care team.
    * Periodical intimation of details / condition of referred patients to referring doctors.

    Neurosurgery Services

    Tumour, Aneurysm /AVM, 3rd Ventriculostomy, Transphenoidal excision of tumours, Stereotactic biopsy & craniotomy C-P Angle tumours, Cerebral SOL, Microvascular decompression, Surgery for Head injury, etc.

    Trans-oral, Anterior Cervical micro-discectomy, Corpectomy & fusion, Anterior plating, cervical laminectomy, OC decompression + instrumentation

    Thoracic: Anterior procedures, Laminectomy intradural excision of tumour, costotraversectomy, Laminectomy for disc, Lumbar Laminectomy +excision of tumour, Steffe plating, Shunt for syrinix, skull-base procedure, epidural.

    Dr. K. Bahuleyan
    MD (USA), FACS, FRCS (Ed). FRCS (Glasg)
    Prof. Dr. Mathew J. Chandy
    Dr. K. Ajay Kumar, MS, DNB, FRCS (Ed)
    Dr. S. Selvapandian, MCh

    Dr. M. Boby Varkey Maramattom, MD, DM

    ENT, Head & Neck
    Dr. Muhammed Noushad, MS (ENT)

    Dr. Ramani B Pulimood, MD

    Physical Medicine
    Dr. Biju, Ravindran, DPMR, DNB

    Dr. P. G. Shaji, MD
    Dr. Rommy Geeever T., MD

    How to reach us:

    * Nedumbassery International Airport
    * Ernakulam, Cherthala, Piravam Road
    * Private Bus Every 15 Minutes from Toll Junction.

    Contact Details

    Brain & Spine Centre
    Chemmanakary, Akkarappadam P.O
    Vaikom 686143, Kerala, India.
    Phone / Fax : +91 4829 273281,273282,273283, +91 9747553281, 9446083281

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