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Thread: All the teenagers here

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    Default All the teenagers here

    Hey any teenagers here want to talk a little bit? I speak only English and Lithuanian, so don't be shy tell something about yourselfs

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    Hi, let me introduce myself. I'm 14 this year, and likes to design websites...
    Currently I'm doing a website for my class, which is
    I like to play online games too! Like Gunbound, MapleStory etc..
    So what bout u? :)

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    Default very sweet

    hey kid i like your website style ;) you can help me sometimes? my website is , but i need something "extraordenary" flash . I think you have the skillzzzzz of WebinG :) thank you


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    Default 1e3oh4

    from where are you exactly? :idea:

    i'm from Slovenia( MArIBOR ) štajerska :)

    ever heard of it?? 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)


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