She came, she saw, and she conquered. Despite being in the spotlight for just a few years, Neetu Chandra is carving a niche for herself as one of tinsel town’s hottest properties.
The leggy model-turned-actor was the show-stopper at a fashion show recently, living up to her billing by putting on a pouty and sexy performance for Coimbatore’s elite that had everyone whistling and wanting more.
Born and brought up in Patna, Neetu was a gifted sportsperson before entering the glam world and represented India in Taekwondo and Korfball at an international level. The black belt holder talks about her passion for sport, “I attribute my career to the discipline imparted during my martial arts training — it equipped me to deal with work pressure.”
But as is often the case, with luck comes a steady dose of controversy, and Neetu seems to have a knack for it! A magazine’s girl-on-girl photoshoot with model Krishikha Gupta in 2009 created wide-spread furore of lesbianism promotion and her dare-to-bare stunt at a recent event has been the toast of several Internet forums.
“Rumours and accusations are part and parcel of this profession; I just have to take them in my stride and concentrate on my work bringing me peace,” she smiles.
Neetu wishes to become a more integral part of the industry down South. “I’ve been amazed at the talent and dedication in the film fraternity. For my next venture Aadhi Bhagavan, I’m quite fortunate to work with a director like Ameer, who has absolutely inspired me with his genius and work ethic.”
Neetu, who won the Bihar Youth Icon award recently, signs off by talking about her experience turning producer for her brother’s Bhojpuri film, Deswa.
“I had an urge to do something to uplift the Bhojpuri film community — this will be the industry’s first pan-India release. I only hope with time and travel, I can explore myself more as an actor and person, and my fans like me for who I am.”

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