Prakashraj has said that actors had failed to make any contribution to Tamil cinema in the last 10 years.”None of the actors, including me, added value to the industry in the last one decade. This is the bitter truth,” he said.

“But Tamil cinema is still respected outside Tamil Nadu because of new directors, who are shining bright with their talent. From script writers to music composers, everyone is trying something new, except actors,” he was quoted as saying by a Tamil weekly.

Prakashraj, who is currently directing a film titled ‘Dhoni’, further lamented: “Audience should also take responsibility for this. Actors, rather than getting angry against me, should do their work sincerely beyond business borders. ”

On ‘Dhoni’, he said, “My daughter is in 10th standard now and the pressure on her is too much. Life is not just about studies alone. There is lot more than that. Life is beautiful and that’s what Dhoni is all about. Ilayaraja is giving shape to my dream.”

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