Radha is apparently the brains behind daughter Karthika's smart career moves. It was thanks to her mother that Karthika had dream launches in Telugu and Tamil with super hits, Josh and Ko respectively. The latest buzz was that Radha wanted to launch her second daughter Thulasi as well.

It was reported that Thulasi would be making her debut with Karthik's son, Gautham in a Mani Rathnam film. It will be remembered that Radha herself made her debut with Karthik in Bharathiraja's famous film, Alaigal Oyvathilai. However, Radha has said that the reports were false and that her second daughter is too young to enter films. So for now she will focus on Karthika's career in addition to her hotel business.
Mani Rathnam meanwhile is still searching for a suitable heroine for Gautham.

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