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    Diabetics represent some disease in which higher level of glucose can cause damage to the body of patient with the passage of time, damaging the nerves, kidneys, and eyes as well. In diabetic patient, the body’s ability to fight infections is decreased. When diabetic is not controlled, it can damage to the body organs and can be difficult to cure. Common problems developed in diabetic patients; one of these problems are related to foot, and if neglected can become serious. Due to diabetics it cause damages to the nerves, and because of this, the patients are likely not to feel their own feet properly. Oil production and sweating of the foot lubricating it are usually cannot be impaired. These factors exert pressure on skin of patient’s feet and may leads to breakdown of foot’s skin. These factors may end up in developing sores in the foot. The diabetics also affect blood vessels of the body and this makes it difficult to the wounds to heal. These cause bacterial infections to the skin. As diabetics damages the blood vessels, and due to poor blood flow, antibiotics do not work so well. If this spreads to the whole body, it can be life threatening for the patient. Therefore, people suffering from diabetics should be aware of these problems and they needs to be educated to how to prevent themselves from these problems. Maintaining the right sugar level is an excellent way to prevent any complications due to diabetics. They should know how to recognizes and examine the early signs caused on the foot by diabetics. A person suffering from diabetics should learn to examine their foot on daily bases, and should report any abnormalities to the doctor if any. Should trim their foot nails properly. Wear comfortable shoes to protect your feet. Regular exercise helps in improving bones and joints of the feet. Along with these steps, having a reasonable diet, and controlling the sugar level and informing your doctor about any abnormalities in your feet can be beneficial.

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    Rub the cream into the skin, then put on the socks. The reason you have to pay good attention to your feet is because diabetics are notorious for getting bad infections in their feet, and get so bad where you have to have them amputated, I knew this old guy who had that happened, his name was wheel-chair sam, he's dead now because he was about 90.

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    In diabetes you need to take extra care of your limbs. some people believe in herbal treatment but I don't believe in herbal treatment of diabetes which claims that it can completely uproot the diabetes. I think it is insane to believe in these quakes who have no knowledge about medical science and without understanding human anatomy they just advise such a medicine.

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