Whatever be your criticisms about Sanjay Leela Bhansali, one thing nobody can debate against is that Bhansali knows how to make his leading ladies look their best and, more importantly, dance their best. So when Bhansali raves about a heroine’s dancing prowess, you better take him seriously.

The latest beneficiary of Bhansali’s admiration, it appears, is Sonakshi Sinha. “Sonakshi has impressed Sanjay during the shooting schedule of Rowdy Rathore,” says a source. “Though he doesn’t like being on the sets when he has entrusted Prabhu Deva to direct the film, he wanted to be around for the dance sequences. And when he saw Sonakshi dance, he realised it was all worth it.”

Not only did Sona have to please the demanding Bhansali, but also heavyweight choreographer Saroj Khan and director Prabhu Deva, himself an acclaimed dancer. “Saroj and Prabhu are two of the most talented choreographers we know and yet Sona was dancing like there was no tomorrow. She stood up to all the pressure, worked hard and met all the huge expectations I had from her. She is a really big talent to watch out for.,” says a beaming Bhansali.

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