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    1. Here's a Business Ideas(sales mantra). Find out whom your would-be clients hate. That knowledge can help you push them towards your deal, particularly if they are sitting on the fence ready to teeter off to one side or the other.

    2. One of the best sales techniques is to ask when can you meet the client and how soon - and then show up.

    3. Suggest the same idea to two different key executives in the same company. If you can get them to agree separately that the idea is sound then, when you put them together, a sale is probably going to be the result.

    4. Sales presentation made to a large group of people is a different ball game. If you try to sell to more than one person at the same time, you are introducing into the sale the dynamics of their inter-relationships, which can do nothing but detract from your purpose.

    5. People in business want to do business with winners. It helps to make your present customers aware of either your own or your company's big wins in the past. Out-and-out bragging is not a very good idea, but it can be done subtly in a million other ways.

    6. Here's a negotiation tip. The point of negotiation is to reach an agreement that is mutually advantageous to both parties. To make it a contest of egos can only work against you.

    7. Acknowledge the other party's feelings. This is the oldest psychological technique in the world and works just as well in negotiations as it does in any other form of human relations.

    8. The pressure to get a deal done can make you say and do things that aren't in your best interest. If the other party knows you have a deadline, they really don't need to know anything else.

    9. Time itself - or the passing of it - can also be one of your most valuable negotiating allies. Anxiety and desire to get a deal done breed hyper-kinetic behaviour. There is a natural tendency to speed up the negotiation process rather than to slow it down. Force yourself to resist this urge, and take advantage of it in others.

    10. Positioning is the key to a successful product. Always associate your product with positive values - positive home values, positive environment values, or positive values of excellence. Inevitably, these produce positive results.

    11. Learn to master what is a conducive sales atmosphere. Just as there is a right time to make a sale there is usually a right place for it as well.

    12. A chance encounter at a non-business locale can also present an opportunity. For example, running into a business associate at a beach or tennis club. You can bring up business topics, and follow them up later at office.

    13. Never forget this sales mantra: It is so much easier to sell someone what they want to buy than it is to convince them to buy what you are selling.

    14. If you are keen on a sales pitch, find out who does the buying. Every company has its system, procedures, and pecking order for making decisions. You should know these, if you want to win a bid.

    15. If Edison had gone to business school, we would all be reading by larger candles. So, often business demands innovation, unconventional thinking.

    16. Listen aggressively. Keep pausing. A slightly uncomfortable silence will make people say even more. Try it.

    17. Talk less. That way you will learn more, hear more, see more and make fewer blunders.

    18. Observe aggressively and learn to use it to advantage. You don't need to read a book on body language to interpret certain gestures.

    19. Business situations always come down to people situations. And the sooner you know about the person you are dealing with, the more effective you are going to be.

    20. Observation can yield rich results. Remember that people communicate with their eyes in business situations when they can't use words.

    21. Mull over this, and master the principle. Business is a constant process of keeping your own guard up, while encouraging others to lower theirs.

    22. Go with first impressions, but only after carefully scrutinizing them.

    23. If you are about to make a presentation/phone call, take a moment to think about what, what reaction you want. It may yield good results.

    24. Be detached. If you force yourself to step back from any biz situation, particularly one that is heating up, your powers of observation will increase.

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    The business is all about the customer. It is not possible to run a successful business without completely and consistently knowing the customer.Personally i like your 13th no idea that :-It is so much easier to sell someone what they want to buy than it is to convince them to buy what you are selling. If anyone can follow this he/she can get higher success in the market.thanx for this useful information.

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    Sales mantra is best..........................

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    Doing business is not a simple task. Whatever the business is like data entry services, web services or any other. It has to be planned very well. Your tips is very helpful.

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