Actress Sneha who has been referred as the smiling beauty of Tamil cinema will be soon marrying actor Prasanna. This marriage is taking place with the endorsement of both their parents. This has been officially announced by actor Prasanna himself today morning.

Actor Prasanna has paired with Sneha in the film Achamundu Achamundu. After this they became very close friends. There was news that both of them were in love and they will be getting married soon. Both of them also did not refute this news. At this juncture, both of them have decided to get married. The betrothal function is to take place soon with the approval of both the family members.

Prasanna while speaking about this said, "It is true that I will be marrying actress Sneha. The betrothal function will take place with the blessings of our parents soon. Some have written that our marriage will be taking in the month of March. There is no truth in this news. We ourselves will mention that when our marriage will take place within a couple of days."

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