Hey everybody. . .

I'm from Florida, USA. .
Deaf too ~ does it stop me? *** NOPE ***

Whats the purpose of my website?
My hubby starts new job - - he's not exactly a techie geek like I am - - I'm willing to help him with creating a homepage and maintain it. .

He's Deaf too!! :) He's going to teach hearing kids how to talk in American Sign Language. .

I just signed up for bizhat.com - - looking fwd to get started soon. . As of now I'm still waiting for next steps at getting started to ftp the homepage. .

:) I also seem to be refering friends as well to websites recommend for sign language & info on Deafies - - So I'll send them to the website http://hearmyhands.bizhat.com instead of memorizing several different website addresses. .