Ahead of the Services game at home, Kerala was pinning high hopes on S. Sreesanth, but it came as a blow for cricket lovers when the temperamental speedster pulled up an injury, a worry that has the implications of being career threatening. Sreesanth was seen limping around the ground as his replacement Manu Krishnan won his debut for the State. Sree pulled down the socks on his left foot and showed a swelling near to the big toe.
“I have been carrying around the problem for the last three years, but it was only recently that the condition became worse. As the swelling is on my landing foot I think it is time I went for specialised medical attention,” said Sree.
He is now awaiting permission from the BCCI before going for ayurveda treatment at Arya Vaidya Sala in Coimbatore. “I am not aware of the seriousness of the swelling, but can’t delay it any further because health is important. Only after consultation will I know the duration of recovering out of it,” he said.
“It is definitely career threatening and I loved to play at home, but if I had gone into the game with this, I wouldn’t have completed even half the match,” he added.
Sreesanth who was not selected for the West Indies series will also miss the much awaited Australian tour, but the Test cricketer is hopeful of swinging back into action once he recovers.

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