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Thread: Genelia to marry Riteish

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    The cat is finally out of the bag. Riteish Deshmukh, the Bollywood actor who hails from an influential political family, has confessed that he is in love with Genelia D’ Souza and both would enter wedlock next year. “The date has not been fixed yet however,” he added. For more than seven years now, the media has been writing about the relationship between Genalia and Riteish. However, both constantly denied the reports, saying that they are just ‘good friends’. “We have been really dignified in our decision to not discuss it in public,” says Riteish. Genelia, who had acted in a string of Tamil movies starting from ‘Boys’, had her recent flick ‘Velayudham’ hitting the screens for Deepavali. “I just felt that she was the one. I’m in love with her. That’s it. We grew up together. We learnt things together. It was gradual,” says Riteish, while talking about his special bonding with Genelia. Confirming that their families have given consent to the relationship, the young actor adds: “Right from the beginning they knew that we would marry someday. Their blessings are with us. As far as the marriage is concerned, we are working out on various things. We are still trying to figure out the details on the date, venue etc…”

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