This special mp3 search engine script can be an ideal script for making a music website where visitors can download mp3s. This mp3 search engine script automatically searches on the greatest mp3 sites indexing the mp3s. So it is a kind of search engine for mp3s. Why is it good? On our server no mp3s are stored so it isnít against the law but the users can preview, rate and download for free the searched mp3s, all from your own Mp3 site . The administration is very simple for a noivice, too. With the help of the Automatic Mp3 search Engine script we can easily create a website with thousands of visitors a day.
Advantages of X10 Mp3 Search engine Script:

* It is totally SEO optimized (eg:- the generated links contains the searched keyword,)
* Automatic updating of mp3s
* Lyrics search and video search, too.
* Easy administration: language changing, stats, template change etc.
* Comments adding
* Great plugins

On top of that this X10Media Mp3 Search Engine Script enables the users the to put their own mp3 search engine on to their site by adding a piece of code. Of course, the results are shown on YOUR site so it it can be a good source of traffic, too.

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