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    Would you like a Free website? Well we at Yahoo! Hates You! can offer you your own personal place on the web. For no money at all. Through our Geoshities service even a moron like you can create your own website using our powerful page builder.

    Invest just a month or two of hard work in creating a good website and we promise not to delete it for at least the same amount of time. This is not a promise.

    In order to provide this service for free we may need to infect your website, until we delete it, with large intrusive adverts. The code used to display these adverts will also contain Javascript errors, so visitors to your site will think you are even more of a moron than you are already. Enjoy!
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    sad but true...

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    Default yeyy :s

    THat is true, i hate geocities, many adss :( and they are very ugly.


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